can i use....


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Baking soda on the dirt in the run? I rake every other day but since it's getting hotter its stinky. I'm getting ready to put sand down but need to neutralize that smell i believe. Thanks in advance
This might sound like a stupid thought process but here it goes. If I ingest baking soda, it causes a release of gas and I burp. Not sure if it would do that to chickens. Do chickens have the ability to burp or release gas from their digestive track?
I dont like lyme nor do i even know what DE is, i looked it up but there is no information on where to buy it retail locally. I'm going to shovel sand in about 10 minutes. BEFORE it rains again and makes yet another mucky muddy mess.
I have no idea, that is why I asked...i found a thread on here about using it for ducks and seems losts do...just not sure about chickens. I was under the assumption >there i go again< if i put it down then put sand down, before they could get to it in quantity it would be absorbed in the soil.

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