Can I vent and say thank you?


Overrun with ducklings :)
10 Years
May 27, 2009
I know, I am a newbie but what can I say? I like you guys, LOL. Anyway, do you mind if I vent a minute about the last few weeks? Mostly it's all silly stuff. 1st my DS was DX with ADHD/Oppositional Disorder/Anxiety. (Truthfully, this was a huge relief that somone finally saw what I saw and I know that I am not imagining it). On my way to pic up his meds I crashed my car. My fault. Luckly I didn't get a ticket but not so luckly the other guy did. Seems his license was suspended. No wonder he yelled at me and didn't want to call the cops. I don't think his wife knew because she wanted to call them. Then I left my month old blackberry out on the deck in the rain. I got it to better respond to my volunteer stuff that is in high swing right now. It never did dry out ant start working again. Then to top it off my dog went missing last Friday night. He was with me and then he was POOF gone. We spent all weekend making calls and searching. I was so upset. Now on to the good news.

Monday morning I branched out the search and found my doggie!!! He was picked up by someone on my road and was in the shelter within an hour of him going missing. Poor thing was locked in cage at an animal hospital all weekend. Doof jumped right in a strangers car and no one bothered to call the number on his tag because it was a rabies tag for another town. Cost me a small fortune to get him back but he is worth it to me. He has a new tag now and is getting micro-chipped in a few weeks. Next the guys at the local cell phone store found me a new blackberry and gave it to me for free. I still need to send them a thank you. My car is insured so that will be OK and it was just me in the car so the kids weren't there. There is more but I will spare you the details.

That's all. Thanks for listening :)
now take a deep breath in....and release it and let it out....aaaah.

hang in there puddin pops,
we've all got stories to tell and most importantly... all us crazy chicken folk are great listeners and virtual huggers.

I'm so tired out by reading your thread, I think I need a nap. So glad things are going to be ok.

I'm glad everything seemed to work out
and glad you have your doggie back. Many years ago we lost our dog. After a frantic weekend of searching, she was at the pound. Turned out the dog catcher called her and she went running right into his truck.
My sister is diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance disorder, my other sister has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, My brother is on that borderline of Autism & my OTHER brother has ADHD. Its a very hard situation to deal with. Hard to have patience for that kind of stuff, but it will happen in time. Meds are most of the time a big help with it all. Some people dont believe in all of this stuff, but seeing it first hand - is enough to turn a skeptic into a believer. Also, congrats on having the doggie come home safely. & Lastly, I have washed brand new cell phones & MP3 Players & Ipods in the washing machine countless number of times !!!!!

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