can lethargic 3 d.o. chics improve?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
I have 3 d.o. salmon faverolles chic and don't think I need help but its frustrating waiting for them to die. have this chic and 5 others that I picked up from meyer hatchery. I noticed this one seemed a little lethargic in the beginning but didn't want to over-react. the others seem spry and eating/comfortable so its a hurry up and wait thing. I am heart broken not knowing if I could do anything. I bought 2 salmon faverolles(1 male/1 female) and its the smaller of the 2.
Are they warm enough? about 95 degrees
Are they too warm? Are they panting at all?
Are they eating/drinking? HAve you dipped their beaks in the water and food to show them how to eat?
have noticed them ALL eating/drinking at some point(so they DO know where that is) and they have a large tote they're in with brooder lamp in my bedroom and they seem to stay in the "cooler" end of the tote so I believe they're warm(no panting or snuggling) also, I can't TELL if she is dehydrated and even if I could I don't know if I should FORCE liquid on a weak baby???? I do believe I will just have to wait and watch because I believe I 've covered environmental issues. poor little one.

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