Can most ducks get over this wall?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Ryanagon, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2016
    Very new to ducks so doing a lot of research. I am hoping to get 4 Cayugas but I don't have a huge yard (40 x350 feet). We live right on a lake and though I will have a run for the ducks, would I be safe to let them roam the yard with me when I am out with them? Will they roam far and are they easy to herd back where I want them? And most importantly, will they be able to get over a 3 foot breakwall separating them from the tempting lake?


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    Brilliant that you think this through! Bravo!

    You do have a bit of a concern. Even domestic ducks that don't quite fly, they can (what I call) do wing-assisted jumping. So sometimes they can clear a three foot fence.

    What you can have in your favor, though, is training them. If you can get them to associate really good times with staying close to you, it will help keep them with you when you walk around.

    I take my ducks out for walks around our 0.8 acre place. The first time we walked across the yard, I was so nervous! But I had spent countless hours socializing them, giving them treats, etc. And they stuck with me.

    I do need to pay attention to them. If I get lost in a book, even standing near them, they will begin to wander off. I put myself between them and areas they tend to wander toward. That's enough, for the most part. I have gotten distracted, and ended up having to trot to get behind them and herd them back closer to the house.

    You also want to keep an eye to the sky to make sure raptors don't take a bead on them.

    But I have found that if I am near the flock, raptors just keep going.
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    I built a raised pond for our ducks and it is about 18" tall. I have runners and a welsh harlequin. They take the stairs into the pone 99 times out of 100. Every once in a while, somebody manages to hop up to the edge, but not often. When I had a mallard, she had no problem hopping up there and didn't even notice I had stairs for them - but she could also fly.
    When they are penned, sometimes they try really hard and get themselves a good jump up, but not sure they could clear 3' still.

    You'd likely be ok if you take your time.
    Lots of time with them so they are happy to hang with you.
    Lots of treats so they know you have the good stuff.
    Yard time supervised with you leading them around.
    Yard time supervised with you just watching them explore.

    Don't ever take them over the wall or show them they could do it if they try really hard.
    But if they are only in the yard free when you are with them, it shouldn't be an issue.

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