Can My 3-Day Olds Have Fleas?


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Oct 14, 2009
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We were playing with and holding our 3-day old chicks this evening and we swore we saw a flea jump off of one of them! Is it possible for them to have fleas (especially with them having only been held in our hands and in their baby pen)? If so, how do I treat/rid them of fleas without doing the chicks any harm?
There a few different products you can try. I've used a poultry dust that contains pyrethrin, it may help. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

First, dacjohns is correct. If they are in your house, you have a bigger problem. In October when I received my order of chicks I brought them home and by the next day noticed a flea. Now, I know that the chicks didn't bring the fleas into the house. The chicks got the fleas from the house. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and an occasional mouse. The mice usually bring the fleas into the house and then the rest of the animals get the fleas.

I treated all the animals at the same time. For the chicks I used Y-Tex GardStar, Garden & Poultry Dust with Permethrin. This stuff is safe for use one veggies as well as on animals. It is recommended for lice, mites and fleas. I did not put it directly on the chicks, rather I put it in their bedding inside the brooder and then again when they were moved to their permanent coop outside, I sprinkled it in their bedding.

If you noticed a flea inside the house, it may be best to treat the house and all other animals as well. That is the only way to ensure you don't end up with an investation.

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Good it possibly be chicken mites instead? I havent experienced these so dont know how big they are....
My cat (indoors only) doesn't seem to have fleas (he's white and I check him weekly). We go back and forth through the yard twice a day to our chicken coop to check on our adult hens, so maybe we brought some inside on our clothing, but we haven't noticed any other fleas in the house.

Maybe we (my boyfriend saw it) were just seeing things...

Can "chicken mites" jump like fleas? Either way, I need to treat it.
Its probably one that jumped off the cat or it could come from wildlife near your home (like raccoons). Advantage or frontline (if you dont already use it) would help a lot, even on indoor cats there is always the chance of fleas sneaking in. Also vacuum thoroughly if there is any chance of fleas (maybe steam clean too) because flea eggs hatch and larva mature in carpet.

If its from wildlife you can also put DE around the crawlspaces and use something stronger outside around the perimeter of the house. They make spays for fleas, also sevin that attatches to a hose and makes spraying it go a lot faster.
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