Can my meat birds eat Omega-3 layer feed?


9 Years
Jul 4, 2010
Howdy yall - I have 7 layers that eat the Omega-3-enriched layer feed that I pick up at Big R. I want to get some meat birds, maybe cornish game hens, can I raise them on the same food? It's not worth the trouble to me if I have to build a separate pen & run to keep them on their own food. I also let my chickens out in the back yard during the day, so there would be a lot of tresspassing and stealing the wrong food anyway.

Might want to look up meat birds some more.

Cornish game hens bought at the store as "cornish game hens" are really just 4 week old cornish x meat bird chicks. If you want to raise game hens, figure they will be in the brooder or in their own quarters for those 4 weeks anyway.
Layer pellets won't hurt them for the 8 weeks that they are alive. You might want to put them on higher protein if you want to see good growth out of them.

There is a coupon for that Omega feed in this months Poultry Press. I may see what the price is and I'll maybe buy a bag. One bag of different feed in their diet isn't going to hurt them.

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