Can Nutri drench kill???

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Oct 8, 2020
Tahlequah, Ok
I had a sick hen, illness unknown. She just died an hour ago only 2 MINUTES after given 1.25ml of Nutridrench. Was I too late and she coincidentally died after Nutridrench or did it kill her? She has been lethargic for a week. I feel like I killed her because it was so quick after I gave her Nutridrench.

Green liquid poo
Pale comb and wattles
Would no eat or drink
Slept alot


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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
No, you did not kill her. Even if the Nutri Drench went down her trachea (windpipe,) she would've shaken her head and you would've gotten splattered with the Nutri drench, and you would've heard her gurgling, coughing and possibly sneezing.
She was already too far gone for any type of treatment. I'm sorry for your loss.

When you give liquids orally to a chicken, there's always the possibility of the liquid going down the windpipe. That's why owners should "tube feed" the liquid directly down the esophagus into the crop.
However, I'm not one to tube feed. I always use a syringe without a needle and draw no more than 1/2ml liquid and orally administer accordingly. The risk of aspiration is less risky, but can still happen.

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