Can one borrow a rooster for stud duty?


7 Years
May 15, 2012
Just a thought... I live in town, so can't have a rooster, but it would be fun to incubate eggs next year. I know I can just buy fertile eggs, but can one also borrow a rooster for a day or two to inseminate the hens? Or is that completely silly?
You might find someone to lend a roo to you. We wouldn't be able to help as our roosters are busy guys and they would have to be quarantined when they came back and you may find others in the same situation. Probably recommend you buy some hatching eggs as most folks don't want their roosters back because of space requirement for quarantine.
The main problem with this scenario is that most breeders keep a closed from which means no birds in or our. This is especially true of NPIP farms. Chickens can be carriers of a number of diseases and may not exhibit any symptoms until they are under stress. Moving to a new home is often the trigger.

You can likely find a rooster on Craigslist, have him service your girls and then re-home him or find someone to process him, but you still run the risk of exposing your flock to a potential disease.

Most people don't realize it but rooster sperm can be collected and hens can then be inseminated. Here is a video on youtube demonstrating the collection process.

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