Can pullerts eat chick starter?

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Jun 25, 2022
I have been wondering if a pullet can eat chick starter because I do not want to get a completely new feed just for pullets.


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I am a newbie to chicken keeping and really enjoying my new adventure! So much helpful information on this site.
I am curious if anyone feeds game bird starter crumbles to silkies - This formula has 24% protein.
I treat my silkie like any of my other chickens, only smaller. Currently my silkie is on flockraiser mixed with meatbird. She will be given oyster shells when she starts laying again - she's currently raising 4 chicks, so egg-free at the moment.

Reason for the combo of food is that the farm store was out of starter, so I just kinda combined the two into something that seemed reasonable to be starter.

I'm not sure about using game bird starter. I suspect the nutritional contents may be different than what is expected by chickens. Feel free to post the details. We have some chicken nutritional experts around here.

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