can quail get out of this pen??


6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
bruce mines
Can my quail get out of this pen i dont really want to try and see and risk losing my babies lol so are these holes to big??
[/IMG] i just patched the LARGE holes
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I dont know, if the holes are big enough for the quails to escape. But I think the holes are big enough for some small predators to come in, so you could loose your quails this way. I would add some wire 10 mm x 10 mm.
That isn't a pen I would recommend for quail. Not only could the quail get out, but a snake, rat or mouse could get inside and kill the quail. If a oppossum, raccoon, cat or dog really wanted to get inside, I'm sure they could. Here is a link for ideas on cages for quail.

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