Can rooster get depressed? Need help ASAP


8 Years
Jul 22, 2013
Good afternoon not long ago I rescue a roster who was in poor condition I help him recover and he was a happy rooster later on I purchase another rooster who at first he didn’t like but then they were alway together, inseparable . A week ago my older rooster died unexpectedly and I still don’t know why, I just know he was only one year old at most. Now I only have the one rooster but he isn’t eating isn’t crowing and just sit around. I have a lot of hen and they are all active except for him. I want to see if there anyone out there who know if this is normal, or could it be something else


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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Will there be a disease that will only attack rooster? Because they have been with my hen and they are all doing great

You mention that they are recent additions. They may have introduced disease into your flock as it sounds like you did not quarantine. Hopefully your hen is resistant and not just incubating the disease.

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