Can roosters live together in pen separate from hens?


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Apr 17, 2010
North Alabama
I want to breed several pure breeds, but I like my chickens to live together. What about letting the hens have the main run of the pasture, and having several roosters live in another run, then only putting the proper hens and roosters together every couple of weeks for a day or so? I don't have enough pens to keep each breed separate all the time. Plus, I like to hang out with the main flock all together. And it just plain looks pretty to see several different color chickens all foraging together... it make me happy.
Will the roosters fight if they are penned together without hens, but with hens within sight across the fence? Thanks!
Yup--lots of people call them "Batchelor Pads"--but it might be an issue if they can see the hens. However, I would expect putting the roos in with the flocks, and then removing them would cause disruption in the pecking order, and depress your roos.

For example--I had a roo I penned with several girls, and then released into the general population, where he was NOT head roo. He got very depressed & stopped eating. I don't think you want that for your breeders. Maybe you could just free-range one group at a time?
Thanks for responding. Yeah, I kinda thought they might be sad to see the girls but not be able to get to them. I may have to just set up a bunch of pens!
I have a bachelor pad and it works out good for me. Most of the roos in it are younger, waiting for freezer camp, so it's not like they have their own flock to worry about.
I keep my non breeding and pet roos in the same pen but you have to be careful. Some roos are just too too nasty. Other than that you should be fine but I would leave a specific roo with the hens for a few days just ot make sure the eggs are fertile.
The breeds I want to keep a roo of are: Ameraucana, Welsummer, Delaware, Silver Sussex, maybe a Barred Holland, and maybe a Marans. Are any of these notoriously unable to get along with other roosters and therefor not advised to live together in a "batchelor pad"?
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