Can roosters of the same age have......

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    variying sizes of spurs?? Last April I bought 4 8-week old chicks from my feed store, they were sold to me as red stars, and pullets. NOW it's become evident they are Rhode Island Reds and at least 3 are roosters, I know that, I've heard 'em crow. I had to seperated the three from my flock becuase, despite me gentling them down and messing with them every day, they got mean! I don't maen fluff up at you mean, I mean literally attack you mean. Anyways, the 4th I left out with the flock, as it's not jumping on anything or me or my son. BUT it look an awful lot like the other three roosters. Complete with the big head thing, and shiny shiny feathers on the neck and dark tail curly feathers on the tail. Only thing is where the spurs should be it's got nubs, the other three have definite spurs. This one, you can feel the bump but not see it, if that makes sense. They are all supposed to be the same age (or course that could be a lie too), but they are all the same size and have been, since i got them. I'm new to chickens only had them since march and it's been a learning expereince. I can take pictures, but please explain in detail the shots if you wouldn't mind so I can get the right ones.
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    Chickens like people all grow differently, I have 40 chickens all the same age and no two look the same in size or colour I got three roosters from the same hatch one is a giant compared to the other 2 while the other 2 have nice tail feathers his are barely in. Its normal!!


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