Can Roosters tell?


10 Years
Nov 17, 2009
Southern Oregon Coast
I currently have 11 chickens and one rooster. Not all of my girls are laying yet. I've noticed that my rooster seems to be able to pick out the girl that is going to start laying next and does his thing with her and then in a few days we'll get another egg. Last night I noticed that he started taking care of one of the barred rocks and he hadn't had anything to do with her previously. So I'm thinking that she's going to be laying her first egg soon. Another one of my girls has been doing the egg squat in front of me, but the rooster hasn't noticed her yet, so I guess we'll just wait and see, but has anyone else noticed this behavior with their roosters and their POL girls?

Of course he can. And the girls are also letting him know that they are "ready" .. this is really what the "egg squat" is all about. Truth be told .. it's really a "rooster squat" .. 'cause it's more about being ready for a rooster ..
It just all happends around the same time.
Well, in theory rooster will mate with pullets who are close to maturity (POL). So they must read something there. But then again, there are poorly mannered roosters who will try to put the moves on just about anything, including pullets who are FAR too young to lay (or even But chicken chemistry also comes into play; some roosters just don't favor certain hens (and vice versa). So your girl who is squatting probably is getting close, but maybe she just hasn't taken his fancy....

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