Can she come back from this?

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    Nov 30, 2009
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    I have a 1 year EE hen - that I don't really know what happened to ... 2 weeks ago I left for the weekend and had a family member taking care of the chickens and when I came home 3 days later she had a large wound above her vent/under her tail, and a almost like a tumor-like object under her vent - couldn't really tell if it was "pasty butt" 'ish or what because there were maggots in the mess and I'm a really really queasy person.

    I immediately soaked her in warm water - thought maybe it was/is egg bound or a broken egg - cleaned it as best I could and put her in ICU (outdoor chick brooder) it's the only dark area I had to put her in... I've been soaking her daily (I think I've missed 2 or 3 days out of the 2 weeks thus far - just can't be everywhere at once [​IMG] ) with just warm water, dewormed her (since I don't really know if they were maggots/worms (or both) ... so I also dewormed everyone. And blue-koted her "wound" ... Since then, the wound has pretty much healed up but there is a hole that seems to go right in to her (not the vent) almost like she's rotting [​IMG] ... and her vent still has the "tumor'ish - clogg? ) ... I really wish I wasn't as queasy as I am - because I'm sure there are many of you that would be taking more invasive measures [​IMG] ... I just can't [​IMG]

    She's now at the point where she is very weak and won't eat much - I try to entice her with eggs and yogurt and she'll nibble that - but she's totally off ANY chicken food. I did vitamins/electrolytes a few days after the wormer but then she wouldn't drink the water - so she's just back to plain fresh water.

    I soaked her this afternoon in water/betadine and she really enjoys the warm baths for about 10 minutes - then she wants out.

    I'm at the point now where I wonder if I should give antibiotics or just end her suffering... She WANTS to roost - still keeps getting up to the roosts if I let her out for a little bit - and I actually had to put a roost in the brooder for her because she kept trying to jump up on top of the light - I thought for sure today she was a goner - but low and behold - tonight she's still on her roost.

    Can she come back from being this far gone? ? ... or should I do the humane thing and end her suffering (which is a "honey-do" thing).

    I just feel awful that I can't physically do more and take more invasive measures - but I really - just can't [​IMG]
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    I think you should get someone to take a better look at that hole. You have to find out what that is to make an informed decision. It doesn't sound like she's really recovering, but if she's still roosting, she might be still fighting.

    If you don't have anyone who will investigate that wound for you, and you don't want to take her to the vet, i would personally go ahead and let the honey do the deed. She's suffering.

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