Can someone help identify the breed of chick


Sep 5, 2019
I just Received an order of Ducklings in the mail this morning and there was a very small chick in the box with them. Can someone help identify the breed? Thanks


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If you don’t mind me asking, what hatchery did you order from? I know of one that hatches both breeds at their facility and recently had an impulse.
Murray McMurray Hatchery. everything I ordered was present and healthy. An extra bird just happened to make its way into my box I suppose.
That is very funny to me as that is not the hatchery I had in mind.

McMurray has a 25 or 35 minimum on their meets and only has like 2 available. Also, I didn’t even know they came from the same facility. If the box came in unmarked, the birds came from Metzer farms, but still, I don’t know how you would’ve got a French or French Pearl guinea keet.

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