Walk With Me: Keeping Chickens In Winter


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Jan 19, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
Hello everyone! :frow
This thread is for everyone and anyone interested in learning about how to care for chickens in the cold.
I'm interested in learning about what others do as the season progresses.
I will also be using my own flock and maintenance as a resource for others.
So, walk with me while we all work at winning with winter.

My flock:
D'Uccle Breeders
IMG_4937.JPG IMG_4947.JPG
20181015_161256.jpg 20161204_100750_Burst01.jpg
My retired dinosaur, Ari. And Ms. Freak Show the EE.
Mad Leghorn 20181015_161437.jpg
Some of the gang of layers 20181015_161412.jpg

I bed my main coop with hay and shavings

My other coop, which is much newer, is bed only with shavings. A heat lamp can be hung from above if needed.

The coops are side by side

My tack shelf has winter supplies on the bottom including heat lamps, water base heaters, a milkhouse heater and more

The run is uncovered. They have a dust bath and their branch 'fort' in the back.

And for kicks and giggles here is one of my birds, sarcastically named Einstein, enjoying last year's winter.
I have no chickens yet. Doing all my researching now and thru winter. So far 99% that I have read says not too heat chickens for winter. Too block them from wind/drafts and to have good coop ventilation. Also to block the run from wind and snow if possible. Some throw hay or straw in the run if there is snow on the ground.
Have not really found anything yet if there is a temp that is just too cold and heat must be added. The few times I have found added heat mentioned, its to only heat the coop to just about freezing a span of 34-42 degrees or so.

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