Can someone help me identify this plant?


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So I bought this from a store near my house. I actually have like 8 of them lol. They were not marked, so I was curious as to what they were. I still haven't been able to identify it 🤦 And so far it hasn't produced anything. They'll get pollinated, then turn yellow, then shrivel up. So if I can figure out what they are, maybe I can help them thrive lol. Thanks in advance!


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First thought was cucumber... It may need something to vine onto, or crawl up to be happiest. I found this picture online & its kind of hard to tell from your pictures, but check out the leaves and maybe you can determine what it is.

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Yep, agree with above-cucumber and offer some sort of trellis. From what I read about cucumbers and squash and similar vining plants, is that they tend to have lots of male flowers to start out with to attract pollinators to their area and then will send out the females a short while after. You might just be seeing male flowers, which is why they close up and die and you aren't seeing any fruit yet.

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