Can someone help...what is wrong with my hen?


11 Years
Feb 8, 2008
Kent, Wa
Okay, I'm fairly new to the chicken world. I noticed a few days ago that one of my hens has been staying in the coop. It's been 3 days now and she still hasn't left. She just sits on the roost and sleeps. Today I put her in her own cage. She will eat from my hand, not sure about drinking yet. I felt her abdomen and I don't feel anything different. Her crop isn't full as usual....I presume because she's just not eating much. No discharge from her nose and no wheezing or deep breathing. I did however notice that she has some poop stuck to her rearend feathers. She is pooping so I know she's eating, but I did notice that her poop is a bright green with some white. I know that the white is normal but it's usually not bright green. Has anyone else experienced this? Please let me know what you think.
I believe bright green is an indication they are not taking in enough food. Hopefully someone else will post as well. Encourage more food and frequently to keep her strong.

Any other symptoms you can think of that may be helpful to figure out what is wrong with her? How old is she? What does she usually eat on a regular basis? When have they been wormed last? Treated for parasites (external)? Also, check in under her legs (from the rear) and feel her belly. This is where you can feel for swelling/eggbound issues. Is it round..soft/hard?

She is a Barred Rock, 11 months old. I checked her belly doesn't seem to be egg bound...I put her in her own cage today and she hasn't layed an egg and I don't remember seeing her in the nest boxes when she was still in the coop. She normally eats layer pellets, whole corn and whatever she finds in the pasture. Nothing on her legs. I'm just puzzled. She seems very tired. I just came in from checking on her and she didn't eat out of my hand this time. I haven't wormed any of my chickens. I will be getting some wormer tomorrow when I got to the feed store.
Maybe you could try some children's Poly Visol vitamins. Also, see if she will eat some old-fashioned oatmeal mixed with plain probiotic yogurt. Canned corn is supposed to give stressed chickens a quick boost, too. Do a search on Poly Visol vitamins from this site to find out how much/often etc. Best wishes.
Okay thanks for the suggestions. I will try some vitamins today. When I checked on her last night, she ate some oatmeal out of my hand. Then this morning she wouldn't. She doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. Her rearend was covered in poop this morning so I had to give her a bath. Thanks again.
I have a Feathered Bantam hen who is doing the same thing. I have researched it and it sounds like she could be brooding. Brooding is when the hen acts like she is sitting on eggs. The hen that is brooding now has been brooding for maybe...a week. If your hen keeps on sitting there for a while try kicking her out of the coop if your chickens are free ranging and throw some food on the ground and bring some water out. Be careful though if the hen is on the bottom of the pecking order she might get bullied more.

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