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Okay so I want to get a Cockatiel. I could probablly interact with them atleast 2 hours a day. Here are a few questions!

1) What would get?

2) What type of housing do they need?

3) Were is the best place to keep em'?

4) Do I keep em in pairs?

5) Any good advice for a first timer?

6) Does anybody have an aviary I could see?

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I would suggest a green cheeked conure or cockatiel. Both make great pets. The largest cage you can afford. Nothing smaller than 30" x 30" - please. keep in your living area so they can be part of the family. Birds are very social...they need to be a part of a & your family and friends will be the birds flock. I would not keep in pairs unless you can't spend quality & consistent time with your bird.


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Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
Anybody else?


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If you can buy from a breeder. That reduces the roam that your cockatiel is carrying a disease.

Make sure your birds cage has plenty of different types if perches with different thicknesses. This helps them exercise their feet and is very important for long term health. Avoid perches that claim it'll keep their nail trimmed - all that does is give your bird sores on their feet.

Your bird will appreciate toys - especially ones they can chew apart. Keep about three in their cage and rotate them out regularly. Don't worry if your bird ignores a toy at first. They generally don't like change so they will often avoid toys for some time. If your bird seems very scared of a toy, leave it next ro their cage for a week or so. That'll give him time to adjust to it.

Some birds will stay social with humans when kept in pairs but others (like two of mine) will bond very strongly and stop wanting to interact with people. (my first cockatiel would fly to my shoulder as soon as I let him out of his cage before we got our second tiel. Now they freak out when they are more than 3 feet apart...)

make sure your birds cage is big enough for him to fully spread his wings while on the top perch (where he's most likely to spend most of his time). Take into account feeding cups, water, perches, and toys when determining if the cage is large enough

take your bird to a vet to make sure he's healthy. (should be done for all pets with lungs)

get a play gym for when he's out of his cage. He'll quickly learn that the play gym is his territory and will spend most of his time out of the cage there.

Birds in the parrot family are healthiest when they get 12 hours of sleep a day. They'll nap throughout the day but it's beat if they get most of it in one stretch at night. A cover over the change makes it easier to control how much "daytime" they get.

Cockatiels are prone to get night frights (sudden thrashing at night). For some people leaving the cage uncovered works to reduce the problem and for others covering the cage helps. Some leave the cage partially uncovered... It all depends on your bird.

When you first get your bird, he'll be very scared. Sometimes you need to just leave him alone in his cage a day or two to relax before you physically interact with him.

Try to get your bird to eat pellets instead of seed. Also try to get him to eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Avocado I'd toxic to birds. Chocolate and anything with caffeine are big no-no's also.


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As with any critter I reckon the more room the better.

Tiels are lively and curious so the more things to putter with the better... so when you can't spoil them they're still active.

Birds... well if they have a playmate then that will be their flock... if they don't then you will become their flock...
Depends on what you want... if you want a friend, don't get a mate... if you want birds who don't hate you but can live without you get a pair.

These are just theories based on observing my Memaw... I have not had a tiel... *passes salt cellar*


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Good luck with your search for a cockatiel, but my suggestion to you is ADOPT.... from a bird rescue... there are many many homeless birds in shelters that make wonderful pets!

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