Can someone please identify whats wrong with my baby ducks?


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May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
For the last month and a week ive lost 2 ducks to some illness that caused them to get clumsy and weak then lay on their side and stop walking at all.. they just lay there and its always on their RIGHT side they lay on.. They have plenty of food and greens and water, Theres nothing in or near the pen that could be causing them to get sick. idk whats wrong with them, 2 more passed today from the same thing, out of 5 I saved 1 and I tried doing the same with the others but it didnt work. the ones that died also was missing a small spot of feathers on their back, they still had the down so I just thought it was them getting ready to grow in feathers or something.. Theres like 3 or 4 more that has the feathers missing.. Should I remove them? Could that be a sign of the illness? or am I just gonna lose all my babies?

They also have a really bad fever when they get sick

Someone please give me some help or advice, just anything I dont know what to do for them
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I'm not well educated in duck illnesses! I have read something about them having a vitamin/mineral defiency that will cause them weakness, and death though. Basically I'm bumping this with hopes someone that knows ducks will see it. Best of luck!
More info please:
how old, what kind, what do you feed, where from, what temps are they at, how often is the drinking water changed (how much water do they have- can they swim? can they dabble for food?)
some common raising duck problems- do not feed them medicated chick start, they need drinking water at ALL times to swallow their food with, ducks are messy and poop in their water- and need their water changed often. If you give them wet mash, change it often as it can get sour/rancid and make them ill. If they are not fully feathered, and not with a mom duck- they should not be allowed to swim/get wet. Mom's oils help protect them from getting soaked, and she helps them stay warm- so if no mom duck- no swimming. If these are fuzzy ducklings- they may just be getting chilled/cold. So share details on your set-up and someone may be able to help more.
Their Juviniles, About 2 1/2 3 months old, Their in that stage that their kinda ugly from feathering out if that helps, They dont have medicated food, Their water gets changed everyday, They have a large kid pool and a black goat feeder for swimming, Their food isnt wet, I have them outside, I feed them grower/Layer (only when I run out of Grower but I did this when I was raising my older ducks and NEVER had a problem with them)

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