can someone please tell me if i have a roo ?


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Jun 7, 2009
Romulus Michigan
can someone tell me if this a roo and what breed it is ?...
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It looks like my columbian plymouth rock chicks. I'm not sure if mine are roos or pullets because they have red in the face, red combs, and red wattles...but their combs aren't growing any larger than the combs on my sex link pullets.
I would guess it's a colombian rock. I don't see any feathers on the legs so it's not a brahma, and the legs look much more yellow than my delawares.

*If you only have four pullets, he will probably over-mate them. It would be a good idea to get 5 or 6 more pullets.
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Well, I am just saying that based on what I have read. I don't have any roosters myself so someone with rooster experience may correct me.
I agree, 4 hens to one rooster is just not enough for his "libido". The hens will be better off in greater numbers. I would suggest 10 to 12 hens for one roo. I had 7 hens and my male wore our their backs. After about 5 months of rooster action, the girls started to develop bare patches on their backs exposing their delicate skin to the elements and the rooster's claws.

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