can storms break a broody?

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    Apr 7, 2010
    3 days ago i thought i was the luckiest person alive, having so many broody hens (9 to be exact) and all were well into their broody session (2 had just started, 1 was 7 days in, 4 were 2 weeks in and 2 were nearing the end)
    anyhow yesterday and the day before we'd had major thunder and lightning, worst id ever seen to be honest, i normally love a good storm but these were so intense i nearly messed myself!!)
    id not been out in the field since wednesday morning, and today i finally got out there to check in the house. 6 out of the 9 broodys had abandoned their nests [​IMG] eggs were ice cold. i cracked a few eggs from each nest, most nests were dead, just one still had a hearbeat so i put the rest of the eggs from that nest under another broody (but no doubt i'll have to set the incubator up to finish them off as her other eggs will be hatching earlier)

    ive never had broodys abandon nests because of the weather before.....and i didnt think it would bother them so much as they were cozy in their houses....anyone else had this before?? we've got another storm broadcast for tonight and im wondering whether to just coleect the rest of the half brooded eggs and put them in a bator to be on the safe side?
    guess im just a bit down at the loss of all those chicks [​IMG]
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