can stress be the culprit?

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Mar 18, 2018
My Leghorn (her name is "Foghorn") hen has a droopy tail and seems to not move around too much. She's laying down right now, but earlier she was standing and walking around sllooowly. She's not fluffed up or anything. Her comb looks like it could be a little lighter in color than it was say...yesterday....
My husband says that she seemed to enjoy the mealworm snack this morning and was drinking water just fine a little bit ago, but I'm still worried. Her poo looks normal. it's dark green with small amounts of white and it's firm.
She has been a bit on the stressed side because my husband and I are doing some garden work close to the pen and a neighborhood cat came into the yard last night and all four were locked out of the coop/pen by accident. I found her huddled up in a corner by herself. We looked and didn't see any scratches on her from the cat. Not sure what to do or what else to look for. Any help would be appreciated.
So, things got better as the evening came up. She did lay an egg late afternoon early evening... that's about when she started feeling better. It was just weird. I was so worried! She's never done that before.
She layed an egg , seemed to feel better.... Back to droopy again. Just gave her some nutri drench... going to monitor for the day.
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