can the chicks go out?

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  1. we have some 3 week chicks, i want them to get accepted in the big flock so i was wondering if for say an hour a day or so they free range with them? its around the 20 above and they would still have another week to feather out, and the OEGB's are NOT going outside, they cant stand not beng under the heat lamp [​IMG]
  2. i know its lat but still
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    they should take a visit to your backyard, and explore things, Not sure if they will get accepted by flock, it depends how the other chicken are, but its good to put them under sun.
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    20 F for daytime high is still cold for chicks. I'd at least wait until they are over 4 weeks and your temp is above freezing for those few ranging hours a day.
  5. they will be 4 weeks, and i kinda forgots, we have a heat lamp outside and they would just be in the coop. We're pretty much only taking the cochins and turken so we have cold hardy breeds going outside, and when they are 4 weeks were bringing them outside (hope fully [​IMG])
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    Gradually introduce them.
  7. Well our backyard is covered in snow, i keep forgetting that. If we didnt have a rooster i would wait until there older but the rooster doesnt want to stay in the cage with them inside so i was gonna try the oppisite
  8. they are 4 weeks now!! So i set them outside for a few min and they were cold :/ So I let out the 2 most feathered cochins and they were OKay, so I was wondering, do you think that at 5 weeks they could live outside? I'm going to set them outside for about 30 min each day, to get them used to the temp.
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    It seems a bit to cold... Mine went out today w/ Mama and 34" and brought them back in @ 15 min. Mama showed them how to scratch and follow her... They all got uner her so I brought them in. I think the ground is colder than the air temp.
  10. they werent too cold and they had some good feathering, what breed is yours? Breed (as you know) makes a BIG dif, i would NEVER bring out my OEGB's until they are fully feathered and very big

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