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    I recently posted on here about two ducks that came into my yard that were left behind by neighbors who had a duck house. They are very friendly, definitely domestic breeds, they even let me pet/ pick them up when they got too close to a pile of glass in the neighbors field. So with all that said... I have 17 chicks and have never had ducks so I have some questions.
    1. If I keep the ducks, can they share a coop at night with my chickens? If so, what kind of modifications will I have to make as far as roosts and bedding?
    2. How much space will two ducks need if I include them in the run we're building?
    3. I have heard they can eat chicken feed but do they need a different type of feeder/waterer?
    4. Finally, will I need to worry about the ducks passing any infections/diseases on to the chickens? If so what should I do to prevent it?

    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to read this and answer my questions if you can. I dont want them to get attacked but my mom wont let me put them up on craigslist or on here to find a new home so Im trying to get them moved in as soon as possible. Any help or advice you can give, will be soo greatly appreciated. [​IMG]

    By the way, the male duck has one blue and one brown eye. Is it because hes a mix or is that normal?


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    Jul 7, 2010
    I have two pekins and two blue swedes. I feed them layer pellets the same as my chickens and they lay better than my chickens faithfully everyday. I do not house them together my male blue swede is protective of his ladies with the other poultry. They are out during the day and at night go into a 4x6 area with a nest box which they lay there eggs in. the nest box is made from a rubbermaid tote box laid on the side and the cover screwed on with a hole cut in it for them to go in and out in. I hope this helps:) I had four bantams dropped off at my house once and I still have them and there offspring. I hatched out there eggs. Good Luck

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