can this happen...well it must cause it did???

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    My 6 year old BA hen has slowed down her or two a week has been the norm for her..yesterday I had 9 egss and I have 9 laying age I know she laid an egg..then last night after the othes were in the coop..I was going to close them up when I noticed Bella..the 6 year old BA had jumped from the coop and stand there kind of funny..then she laid this egg..with no shell..just standing there and it dropped...she then turned and ate it...I at first thought she was pooping..then I saw the egg drop..had a white membrane and looks like a normal yoke..but no shell...what could be causing this? I changed their food to the organic feed this past month....she is eating and drinking...she is the one that had a broken foot this past spring..that has healed...she seems to be healthy with no change in has been wet and rainy for the past not sure what caused this..can they lay 2 eggs in one day? strange...[​IMG]
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    Just a thought.....most commercial feed will say they have complete nutrition. However, I question the calcium sometimes. I started offering 'free choice' calcium last year. Well, my hens frequently go to the calcium, so clearly they weren't getting everything they needed from their pellets. You might try giving them oyster shell in a seperate feeder. That way, they can supplement themselves when they need to. Your soft shelled egg was probably a fluke but adding free choice calcium couldn't hurt anything.
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    I agree with what everyone has said here. Additionally, you stated there wasnt any change in her routine, you switched to organic feed this past month. Your hen was used to the previous feed all those years past, a change in feed/routine can definitely affect egg laying...something to consider.

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