Can Two-Week-Old Chicks be put in the Barn?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by JillsChicks, Jul 10, 2007.

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    May 31, 2007
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    We are going away on a vacation. My chicks are two weeks old. We are wondering if it would be less work for the person house-sitting to have the chicks in the barn rather than in the dining room making a mess.

    In the barn we have 10x10 stalls that would be completely covered by 1" chicken wire and wire sunk a foot into the ground. The floor is dirt; there is little direct sunlight there. I suggested to hubby putting the dog kennel brooder in the stall and securing the heat lamp over the kennel. This arrangement would prevent a fire if the heat lamp fell as it would fall onto the brooder... The chicks could go in and out of the brooder but at night we could ask the house-sitter to lock them in the brooder for added protection. Our temps get into the 60's at night & are are usually in the 70's to 80's daily during this time of year in NY state.

    Please give me your opinions if you have insights into this situation. I think they'd be happier roaming around the big stall rather than being cooped up in the dog kennel for two weeks. When I'm here I take them out several times a day, clean up their poop and even take them to the garden where I closely watch them. But I don't expect my sitter to do this; I know she's feel badly if something happened to one of them.

    Ann[​IMG] The chicks with our little friend, Daniel
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    Definitely put them outside. It seems the fresh are makes them grow quickly. They should do fine. They will look so different when you come back after 2 weeks!

    I put my chicks outside when they were 3 days old when the weather was still in the 40's at night (with a heat lamp of course). Didn't lose one.[​IMG]

    Cute little boy!

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