Can u tell age???

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  1. This is a Cochin i got 4 years ago. im not sure how old she was when i got her. shes suppose to be show quality but ive never shown her. shes been with a roo soo shes missing saddle feathers.
    How old do u think she is??

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  2. nurse_turtle

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    It's really not possible to age an adult bird. If you got her 4 yrs ago and she's still alive and laying, she was probably not more than a couple years old when you got her. Average lifespan for a chicken is 5-7 years.
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    I would say when you got her she was no more then 1-1/2 to 2, she looks pretty old now so her being 5 or 6 now would make since
  4. ok thank u [​IMG]

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