Can unhandled ducks be 'tamed'?


5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
I've just got two yearling duck hens but they haven't been handled much. I'm not looking for a 'follow you around and cuddle' duck but something I might be able to occasionally pick up without breaking my nose. I've managed to just hold one for a few seconds without it spazzing so I think they might just be unsure about people. I can't remember the type of duck they are exactly but they have have white markings on the head, the other on the neck, and are various shades of cream/brown. They are supposed to be the 'best ducks for setting eggs'.

They were filthy so now they are in the bathtub to get clean (Can't WAIT to see THAT mess OTL )

They have to be cooped up inside for a weekish so they don't fly away and never come back. I'm hoping just feeding them and maybe picking them up occasionally while their inside will help?
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There is a good possibility you will have reasonably friendly ducks. My brief thoughts are:

Depends on the individual duck.
Takes patience and time.
Takes treats.

Spending time near them, not trying to touch them much until they start coming over toward you. I find sitting or even lying down near ducks helps you be less threatening. Any excuse for a nap!

Offer healthy treats - there is a sticky on treats.

Talk to them, sing to them. Avoid cornering them.
I've been treating them like feral horses so far. Don't look at them when approaching, crouching down a bit, using soft tones. Making SURE you aren't seen as a threat. I've been petting and giving the others treats in front of them. I've peaked their interest so far.
Will do! Think I'll try and get some pictures today.

They got a bath when they first got here, then their wings got clipped. They were FILTHY when they got him. And I didn't want them to fly away and never return. Then they were kept up inside the coop all day. They don't seem to care for going outside, even if the doors open. So I'm letting them chill out in the back while the others free range. They don't quack unless they panic but they 'purr'. Or coo. It's SO cute!

Both of them are gorgeous. I just wish I remembered what breed they were.

Here's two pictures of them from today. Sorry the quality isn't great but I'm using my phone camera. The only other info I have on them is that they're supposed to be GREAT for setting eggs.
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I have found out that if you don't do it at an early age and you have more than 3 full grown ducks it is pretty much impossible to get them tame
Ok pretty sure those are muscovy ducks. They are very friendly and while they may not ever get to enjoy being picked up, they should get tame enough to allow you to approach and eat from your hands, and maybe pet them. Keep offering yummy morsels when you approach, they should get used to you.

My ducks are gone. They were happy to sit in their nests all day and got to the point where they'd stay sitting when I entered the room.

But somehow they got out of the coop and now they are nowhere to be found. Just walked off.

:| Well that was a wonderful use of 20$

But no, they weren't muscovies. They didn't have the face tumors that the muscys have. Unless they have very little? I'm not sure. Either Way they've flew the coop. Which is unfortunate because I have their wing feathers right here in the drawer next to me.

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