Can waterfowl get Marek's??


11 Years
Dec 26, 2008
Port Angeles, WA
Hi all,
I just recently started vaccinating my chicken chicks for Marek's. I also raise ducks and geese. I read somewhere that it is called DVE in ducks? Can you vaccinate for it? Can I use the chick vaccine on waterfowl?
Mareks is a species specific herpes virus. It's very unlikely it is the cause of death in your waterfowl Chicken Tamer.
As already written my understanding is no. Generally waterfowl have less diseases than chickens one of the reasons i went with them as the first and the majority.
Well I found out Waterfowl can but its a diffrent kind of mereks not from the chickens. Also its not mereks I found out it might be even worse. There is a diases that is one of the worst bird diases EVER. And there is no treatment!!!! I forgot the name. My chickens have been limping and they will like start limping like alot then slow down the get worse then die in like 5 days. They have been spitting up there food and water and I might have to put them all down!!! And I have over 40 birds!!! That will be so hard if I have to. The worst thing that will ever happen to me!!!

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