Can you breed a white silkie with a blue silikie?

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I have a young white silkie chick and a young blue silkie chick. I think the white one is starting to look like it might possibly be a cockerel and the blue looks like it could be a pullet. If they were to breed when they got older what would the chicks look like? Would they come out blue, white, or somewhere in between. I understand that chickens don't breed like dogs (a chocolate lab can give birth to a black lab). I am guessing our chicks would be some sort of cross but still cute.
When I first saw the title, I thought..well they're both chickens, so yes.....

I think you'll get 50% white, 50% splash.
dako'ng itlog :

That thread helps a lot. It sounds like the babies could turn out to be just about any color depending on what the white silkies actual dominant color is.


I'm glad you made sense of it - I understand the principles, but am not really good at explaining
However, if you DO try breeding them you should be able to deduct what the white silkie's "base" or "actual" colour is... Silkies usually are recessive whites, so all offspring would carry a copy of white (be split for white), and breeding them back to their father or to each other will give you some whites.​

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