Can you buy Feed in really large quantitys?


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May 3, 2010
Southern NH
I am currently buying the 50 pound bag from blue seal, but my chickens (16 - 13 weekers) are blowing through this in just over a week.... Im at the feed store all the time (it feels like)! I do have a closet to store the food in, so buying in bulk, if i can find it would work!
I am very fortunate to work with in one block of a feed manufacturing plant. I just buy it directly from the manufacture as the hens use it. Working in an industrial park has complemented my hen hobby several times.
I go thru about 100 lbs a week. I don't know the exact size, but I use one of those plastic Rubbermaid storage bins with the covers. I buy 300 lbs at a time, and it goes in the bins. One bin holds exactly 2 50lb bags. Sealed up in my garage, it works out great! Stays fresh and dry, no rodent problems, and best of all, only uses the floor space of one bin, I keep 3 of them stacked on top of each other.
16 birds aren't going to eat enough feed to make it worthwhile to buy in volume or in bulk because the last of it will go bad or weevily before it can be fed.

Why not just buy two or three bags of feed at a time?

Around here you have to buy at least 8-10 bags of feed at time to get even a marginal volume discount.
A lot of the expense in bagged feed is bagging and transportation. Most feed stores don't give too much of a discount when buying bagged feed in bulk.

Your best bet is to find a feed mill in your area and get it straight from the mill in bulk. If you can get it from the mill and have it augered into some drums or bins in the back of a pickup truck you may be able to cut your costs.
I just sold 200 tons of turkey feed to one of my customers today, so yes you can purhase in large quanties.

I wish our local mill sold layer pellets or crumbles. All they have is a mash, but i dont like how fine it is... I do buy bulk all-stock feed and corn from them. I take 2 35 gal plastic drums to the mill and have them auger it straight into the drums. Since there isnt any bagging and shipping cost it saves me about a dollar per 5O lbs which figures out to saving 3.-4 dollars on each drum

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