Can You Dye Welsummer Eggs?


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Apr 22, 2013
Solon, OH
Quick question, concerning Easter coming up--has anyone successfully dyed Welsummer/Maran eggs? I have a small backyard flock of five, and not that many light-colored eggs (I sold two dozen yesterday). However, my Wellie girl, Scootaloo, is our most reliable layer and therefore around a third of our eggs are a lovely terra cotta. Wonderful for any time of the year, except this particular week!

Mom is threatening to buy a dozen or two battery eggs, just for dyeing. While we wouldn't be eating them, I don't wanna support that industry (even if it is only a couple dollars).
Anyone have any luck with Wellie eggs?
I would paint or decorate them....craft paint would work...the dye would be a failure for sure. Even regular brown eggs are a challenge.


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