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Apr 28, 2012
Brockville, On
I called the lady we bought the chicks from and she said that she has these breeds: Minorca, Chantecler, Cochin. Six of the chicks are pure or a mix of those breeds. Now these chicks could be purebreed's or a cochin bred with minorca or cochin/chantecler bred with minorca/cochin etc. I am just interested in what breeds are in each chick. I tried to get more close up pics but it was very difficult. Descriptions are below the pictures.

I think this one is a purebred Barbu D'uccle (Mille Fleur). It is a bantam. Has a single comb.

This one is a bantam and looks pretty much like the one below but with feathered legs. Any way it could have some Minorca, Chantecler or Cochin in it? I know on of the chicks pictured, either the one above or below (minus the RIR) are not Minorca, Chantecler or Cochin.

This one looks like the bantam chick above but without the feathered legs. Too my knowledge, it isn't a bantam. I have no idea what this one is. It is the friendliest chick in the bunch. I think this chick is not one of the chicks that the hen came with, meaning it could be anything. But the chick is very sweet and follows me around. It seems to be always curious and doesn't mind being picked up. People have said it looks like an OEG but Ithink it is to friendly to be a game breed. The bottom pics are as of yesterday.

These two chicks have all balck feathers. They are both much darker. The legs are dark also. Their beak is not all yellow, but has a bit of black on some parts of the beak. I assume it is either a purebred minorca or a minorca cross.

This one is really skittish. It has some feathers now and they are all the same color as the chick pictured. This chick has greyish legs and either a pea or rose comb.

This one has clean legs. It has to have some Minorca and/or Chantecler and/or Cochin. This chick has a pea comb. This one is the most difficult one to breed. Whoever can shed some light on the combinations with Minorca, Chantecler and/or Cochin, gets 100 points! :)

Here they are all together with Bonnie! (She is a Barbu D'uccle (mille fleur) )

So if anyone could shed some light on to what possible breed combinations these chicks are, that would be amazing.Thanks so much and i hope to hear from you soon!
some appear to be crosses and theres a few pure bred chicks. the one looks to be mille fluer duccle! cochins have feathered legs. you have a few feathered legs chicks that are cochin crosses.
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