Can you give button quail acv

I dont' see why you use the kind from health food stores with "mother" in it? I ask because I learned not too long ago that store bought ACV has no real health benifits and is mostly just used as flavoring on dressing, this was a bummer to me because I for months drank the nasty stuff, as too did my dogs, my room stunk of ACV ha ha....and it was all for nothing AHH!!! I'd love ot try the real stuff someday but i dont go to health food stores like at all, and they are few and far between around here blah!
Yes I use the kind with the mother in it. I have had a hard time with my Quail due to the cold spell we are having. I have had about 8 die on me in the last few days. This hurricane and now the cold front has give us alot of problems. I've got my Quail now where its good and warm, and I am looking to buy a fish tank to remodel into a cage for them so I can keep them indoors. I love the sound they make. Thank you for your help.

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