Can you guess adult colour from chick fluff?


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So my hatch is almost finished and there are several chicks that I know the breeds of (Bantam Cochin, Polish and d'Anvers) but I don't know what colours they might turn out to be. Is it worth posting pics of the fluffies or are there just too many possibilities?
If you post photos, we may be able to guess as to their color variety. However, it may be harder to tell if there are crosses of different varieties (were the parents the same color?).
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The Bantam Cochins came from individual coloured pens but I just asked for a combination of eggs so I don't know exactly what I've got. I'm going to guess the Polish were mixed parents since I've got 4 different coloured chicks and she didn't mentioned multiple pens for them and the d'Anvers could literally be anything since the eggs were bought from a stock auction with just the breed name on the carton.

I'll take some photos today, can't hurt to have some guesses and who doesn't love fluffy photos anyway :)
Ok, anyone care to guess what colours these will feather out to be :)

Polish Bantam Chicks. I presume from a mixed colour pen. It's mainly the one at the front I've wondering about, it's mostly black with brown specks on it's head.

Pekin (Cochin Bantam). The two with hidden faces are similar to the black/yellow one at the back. There is also a plain yellow one hidden in there. The one at the front with the V on it's fore head is actually much lighter than the others.

This is the info I have from the breeder "We have separate pens of buff , blue, cuckoo and creoles. Please note although I have colour separated pens I cannot guarantee what colour chicks comes out as they do have throw back of other colours eg my cuckoo threw some pure blacks last season"

Babu d'Anvers, These were auction eggs so no other info. They are the littlest chicks I've ever seen so I'm fairly confident they are at least the right breed. The one with the foot brace has much more yellow on it that the other.

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