can you guys take a look at this?

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    Apr 7, 2010
    i've been searching everywhere for some nice chicken houses with run for my chabos and my pekings.
    I have 12 chabos id like to house together and 12 pekings

    do you think they would be ok in these (one for each breed) or are they too small?

    measurements are
    Length 388cm
    width 93cm
    height 195cm

    the sleeping quarters are raised off the ground so they dont take up any 'floor/run' space. the run also has a roof to keep off the rain. the description says they would house up to 15 standard sized chickens but i dont believe that for a moment!


    Or they do a slightly different model (same house but different run, the run is longer giving more room, but has no roof so is open to rain/snow)

    the measurements of this one are 438cm x 93cm x 195 cm

    these cost quite a bit of money so want to make sure they are big enough before i purchase two, not that they arrive and are no good to me :)

    id be very glad if you could give some opinions, pros and cons? or if anyone actually has one of these how do they find it?

    my bantams used to free range but after 2 x fox attacks and 6 weasel/ermine attacks in the space of 2 months i cant afford to let them free range anymore and they really need a secure house/run. ive got them all crammed together in one of the pig pens at the moment
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    We're new to chickens using the 4 sq ft (3716 sq cm) of house and 10 sq ft (9290 sq cm) of run guide lines. Then this run is sized for almost 4 chickens. Building our coop last summer and making sure it was adequate was mind boggling. I'm not sure of the breeds your referencing and I know the number I quoted are for full sized chicken so if you have bantams you'll need less space. Good luck.

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