can you hatch eggs that have been washed?


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Sep 12, 2010
Southeast MO
Hi I know that you are not supposed to hatch eggs that have been washed, because it has washed off the protective membrane that belongs on the shell of the egg or you can kill the germ inside the egg because you sake it so much when you wash it. But what I want to know is if anyone has hatched eggs that have been washed off? If so were the chicks ok? I’m not going to try it I just wanted to know.

You will be supprised at the people on here that wash there eggs, by washing I meen wipe them off with a damp cloth thats what I do, & yes I have hatched them.
I wash eggs for myself, not the eggs I sell. I use hot water and dawn soap scrub the eggs off and then dry them. The eggs get set in the bator within 5-7 days of washing them. I'll only wash if I get a dirty egg, like when it rains they eggs can get muddy.
I don't, and have have great hatches with dirty eggs.
I've washed eggs by submerging them completely in a dilute bleach solution and scrubbing them with a scourer before rinsing them off under hot water. Their hatch rate was better than for the ones I just rinsed off and much better than for the ones I didn't wash at all.
I have many times, hatched eggs that were almost frozen, that I washed useing the snow on the ground, then water inside the house. The chicks hatched out perfectly fine and grew and lived nice,normal lives. 99.9% of the eggs I hatch are washed before incubating with the results being 90-95% hatch rates.

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