Can you help a non-building type woman find coop plans?


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I know NOTHING about building, but my 12 year old son will help me. He had woodworking for several years. Anyway, when I look online some of the sites seem like a scam. I need plans that are VERY easy to use. Ones that spell each step out, give diagrams, list all the items needed. Super simple, yet I need a decent size coop. Something to house 10-15 chickens. I don't need fancy, just practical. I live in California, so severe weather isn't an issue. PLEASE, someone help me? I am glad to pay for them, I just want to be wise about it.

I bought a ready made utility yard storage shed and converted it to a chicken coop. Saved me a lot of time, but might be a bit on the pricey side for you. I got the 8x10 size, it is stick built, not metal. I got some Plexiglas for a window, added some roosts and nest boxes and electric for a light and heater base for the waterer. It get cold here so you may be able to get by without the electric. If you plan a run an 8x8 would probably do you for 10-12 adult birds.

Just something to consider.
Right now my husband is build a coop using the Chicken Coops for Dummies book. He says the plan is pretty straight forward so far. The book has plans for a few coops, minimal, a-frame, tractor, all in one, & walk in. He is building the all in one and it looks similar to the Playhouse Coop.
Check out my BYC page of pics of my Coop. Plans? I don't need no stinkin plans. I had an idea of what I wanted, salvaged what I could in the way of windows, bricks and such. Draw a picture of what you want, see what you have, start with a hammer/saw/nails with a tape measure and go for it------I'll bet your son has a great resource of creativity just waiting to be expressed if you give him the go-a-head on building it "his way"
well can't get much simpler than my coop. 6 4x4x8's, 9 2x4x8's, 8 sheets of 1/2 inch 4'x8' plywood tin roof.

set corner 4x4 then measure 8 feet set another corner post.

measure 4 feet from each post and set middle posts. 4 feet beyond those set last 2 corner posts. you will have 2 columns of 3 posts. 8 feet between the columns 4 feet between each post in the columns.

now lay 2x4's across the top of each of the 4x4 sets. gives you 3 arches in a line.

cut 2x4's to fit in between the posts so you have a 2x4 running about 1" above the ground all the way around and connect the arches at the tops.

cut ply wood to correct height and nail on to all sides but the door. attach hinges and hasps to that.

roof with tin, cut chicken door to run or make full sized door out of plywood in above step.

perches and boxes added as needed inside.
If you want a small reach-in type coop, Rob's book on Building Chicken Coops for Dummies (I may have the title slightly wrong) is fine.

If you want a walk-in coop, I very sincerely and strongly recommend getting a book from the library or bookstore or on building SHEDS. There are a number of EXCELLENT ones out there that give you super-detailed materials and cut-lists, and not only walk you through every nanosecond of the project they even have photos of every single thing you do. Add a little ventilation and a roost and popdoor, and there ya go!

Good luck, have fun,

I agree with everyone so far; I'd just like to add be VERY careful if you start thinking about Ebay. I bought plans on there that shouldn't have been that difficult to build but that the writer just plain got it wrong in some areas (the Materials List didn't match what the scamatics demonstraited, we have about six leftover 2x4s and ran out of the siding). I think he mixed up the regular coop and the 'extended' verson he said it could be turned into... I'd definantly go with 'Building Coops for Dumbies' or from the plans on this site. Much more reliable and the book costs about the same as the plans I bought.

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