Can you help identify what's in our coop please?


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May 21, 2012
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Sorry not the best pics. I know I have some Dominikeers but the rest I have no clue what are. The Rooster with the orange head is the mean 1. The pretty blue looks scary but he's laid back. I'm trying to find a good pic of just the mean roo to find out what type he is.
first pic looks like a black copper marans roo
2nd pic I see barredrock roos, buff orps one being a roo, maybe black and a blue copper marans roos, the roo by the ducks is an ee
Lots and lots of roosters.

I'm not sure your dominiques are really that. Best I can tell it looks like they have straight combs, that makes them barred rocks.
Buff orp roo and maybe hen.

Welsummery looking hen

some red hens

a silver laced something lol.
1- Partridge Cochin
2- I'm seeing EE, Buff Cochin or Buff Orp? (can't see the feet), Production Red, Partridge Cochin, Barred Cochin or Barred Rock? Do I see feathers on some of their feet?
thanks. I'll take some better pics tomorrow & make sure I get their feet. A few of them have feathered legs. We don't have as many roosters now thankfully. I'm glad I can put a "name" to my pretty blue boy. He has lots of feathers on his feet, he looks intimidating with that sharp beak but so far he's been laid back.
I guess the mean 1 is the EE, are they normally aggressive or is it just him?

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