Can you help me build a pen :).

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  1. RandAram

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Hi,I am thinking of building a chicken pen soon, so I want to buy chickens (for the eggs) ,partridges(cause they are my countries cultural animal) quails,pigeons ,and guinea fowls (cause they can work as watchdogs for the rest, but the problem is that I know that partridges and quails shouldn't be close to chickens so can you guys make a design of a pen through the paint app on your computers on how it should be and how many meters it should be away from each other ,thank you for your time.

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    Have you tried searching google for anything? I never new they had to be raised separately. I only raise chickens so maybe that's why! ;) I hope more people will help you! (And more than I did!) :gig :welcome

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