Can you help me determine what type of Chicken this is?


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Hello all,
I'm new on this forum and I need your help. I lost one of my speckled sussex to a fox recently, and in wanting to replace her word got around. I got a call from a man who said he had one. The pictures on this link are of the chicken he actually had. She is a brownish/reddish color with some light brown spots on her back and what looks like some green around her neck. I'm pretty positive she is not a sussex of any kind. I took her anyway, mainly because of the pity I felt for her seeing the conditions she WAS kept in. Today is her first day with my flock so I understand the tension, but the few interactions she has had she seems very aggressive towards my other Hens. I am actually more worried about my pullets who are fast, but not as well-equipped to defend themselves should she want to fight.

So the questions then are, 1) can you identify this breed for me? and 2) what are the chances that this chicken will warm up to my other girls (bear in mind I have introduced new chickens into my flock before without problems)?

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She has been separated from the others most of the day accept a few instances. She took to flapping at one of Hen's who is clearly the "mama" figure in my flock. I just don't want to risk her hurting my chickens.
I sure hope she hasn't been put in with your flock since you say she came from a bad place.
Bio security if not followed you can wind up with your whole flock sick.she should be kept away from your other birds for at least 2 to 4 weeks.
she does looks to be Partridge as to what breed not sure
I have my Hen house and a separate smaller quarantine house that can hold 2-3 chickens. She is in there, but keeping them 100% separate is hard when my other girls range the whole place. Any interactions they have had are through a fence or accidental.
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