Can you keep a couple chickens in a greenhouse?


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May 27, 2012
I already have a greenhouse attached to the horse barn. We have a big raccoon problem, and when I kept chickens in a coop several years ago, with a fenced in area that was supposedly "predator safe" (the top of the fenced in area was covered) some raccoons got in anyways and killed the chickens. The greenhouse is up and running again and I was wondering if I could keep a couple chickens inside of it to keep pests under control, get a few eggs each day and even use the droppings as fertilizer. Will the greenhouse get too hot? It is a large greenhouse, about 12' X 14' (approx). I would of course, put some nesting boxes inside.

Any help is appreciated!
Hi jemshkoj

There are several books on, I think the term is perma-culture.

Oh look---I took a google-moment and found this article which may lead you to some other articles and links. --

If you click my page by my signature, at the bottom of my page there is a link to one that is 'charts and quotes' take that link and there is a table that shows safe and dangerous temperatures for chickens.

There are good books on permaculture----and you are really on to something with the idea. :O)

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As you and ChicKat are considering, greenhouses can have temperature issues. Why not revisit predator proofing your coop system? Could you provide pictures and description of resources you do have?
I am planning on building a greenhouse next to my coop. The greenhouse will become the chicken's indoor run during the winter since I've learned that they won't go outside in snow deeper than 2-3 inches.

I am planning on building shelves that have a screen of chicken wire hanging down the front so the chickens cannot get into plants growing on the shelves. Chickens are utterly destructive of plants either by eating them or digging in the dirt for bugs or taking dustbaths.

I am also planning on lining the floor with hay bales (not straw) and putting in a few rabbits. They will tunnel through the hay to make a compete warren for themselves. In the spring I'll have great mulch that is fertilized by both the rabbits and the chickens. I am hoping that the heat from the rabbits and chickens will increase the growing days for plants in the greenhouse.

However, this whole idea is strictly for getting through the truly cold days of winter--about late Nov through March here in Michigan. Once the snow is gone I wouldn't put my chickens in the greenhouse as I'd be concerned about them overheating.

I know this doesn't exactly answer your question but it may be an interesting thought regarding how to use your greenhouse since you already have one.
Hello Chillin with my peeps
That is a wonderful idea. that is my dream to do what your doing.. have you gone through a winter yet,,, and what did you grow in the green house...

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