Can you keep a goose with ducks?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by dutchbunny83, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Good Morning!

    I asked this on the NC thread (only one I'm on), but can't get an answer, so hoping you those with geese can help me out!

    I have a big section of my yard closed off for the chickens to roam around and a rather large pen for my pair of crested pekin ducks. I don't keep the chickens and the ducks together because a drake attempting to mate a chicken can cause her serious damage due to his anatomy and the ducks always get all the water messy.

    I've been searching, but can not find an answer. Is it safe to keep a female goose in with my pair of ducks? I wasn't sure if a drake could do the same potential internal damage to a goose that it could to a chicken?

  2. sourland

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    Since drakes and ganders are anatomically similar, a drake mating a goose will not harm her. There is the offside possibility that a goose pecking a crested duck on the head might harm them.
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    I have 3 ducks and an Embden goose. Either the ducks think they are geese or the Goose thinks she's a duck... hard to say what goes on in those little heads! Either way, the Goose is the leader of the pack! They are inseparable!
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    I wouldn't worry about a drake mating with a goose. I would worry about whether or not they get along. The goose is likely to be larger than the ducks (unless you have very large ducks and a very small goose). If the goose decides it doesn't like one or all of the ducks, it can do some serious damage. We purchased a pair of pilgrim geese last year hoping we could integrate them with our ducks. We ended up losing the female and the straight run replacement (Metzer won't sex single geese, only pairs) ended up being male as well. Unfortunately, both of them have gone after one duck or another and we keep them separated. We are not sure if they don't like them, or they are trying to mate with them, but either way it is a problem. I am hoping to track down a pair of females this year. Who knows, maybe they will mellow out then.

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