Can You Keep Coturnix Quail With Chickens?


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Sep 11, 2020
Hello! I have been thinking about getting these cool quail for a while and wondered if you can keep them with chickens, or button quail? If not can you house them like chickens, like same temperature and stuff? Also what do you feed them? Thanks.
Chickens and quail (any quail) are not a good mix. Japanese (coturnix) and kings (button) can be housed together but can sometimes be bad because they might attack each other and there could be serious injuries (and possibly death). It also depends on how much space how have because I’ve seen people house coturnix and buttons together but they had a lot of space and hiding places to prevent anything bad to happen. It’s totally your decision though. :)
If you're talking about cortunix quail, you can keep them in rabbit hutch size cages. I personally wouldn't keep with chickens.
I was actually considering keeping them in the rabbit hutch we have, but what is the limit on the cold they can handle? It gets really cold here in winter

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