can you keep multiple rooster together?

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  1. I am being given 3 or 4 (not sure how many exactly) Silkie hens and a rooster and I was going to raise my own baby chicks either with a broody hen or incubator. I was wondering, if I get I get a rooster (more likely more then one) can they all be housed together?
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    Yes they can be housed together, unless they are two mature males that have never seen each other before. Also, you don't want to have too many roos, or they will tear your hens up from over mating. 1 roo to every 10 or so hens is a good number.
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    I havent owned Silkies but it usually depends on the breed, individual personality and what you are willing to do to make it work. I have had 4 barred rock roosters together and when they reached maturity and spring came around it was a nightmare of constant fighting. I ended up re homing all of them. Then I had 2 orpingtons roos, after a short period of figuring out who was boss then settled in together ok. It also depends on if you have enough hens for the number of roosters to prevent the hens from being over breed and backs/feathers being torn up.
  4. All the hens and rooster wil be coming from the same place. Any other roosters will come from any eggs I hatch.

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