Can you over feed chickens?


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
Southern Oregon
I let my girls free range everyday, they have their 'laying food' always available, i give them greens , mash from our local brewery, treats like hard boiled eggs(chopped up), oatmeal, yogurt, etc. and they pick at it..they used to come running... spoiled or over fed? Haha~ Maybe i need a few more mouths to feed .... :)
I don't give my girls treats until later in the day. That way I know they have had a reasonable amount of their layer feed and are getting their nutritional requirements. Like you, I typically give them greens and other treats that are good for them plus mine free range all day too. When my girls hear the back door open they run to see if it is me or my husband. If it is me they know I usually have treats and come up to me - if it is my husband they just go about their business. LOL Mine get some sort of greens every day plus another treat - not everything in one day.

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