Can you rule out anything for me?


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Nov 1, 2010
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I have a two month old bantam Polish acting unhealthy today and I'm not sure if it is injury or disease and am looking for advice on what to keep looking for or what I could rule out.

Rascal is kept on pine shavings in the coop and dirt in the run. They were just moved outside full time last week. He is with 21 other chicks the same age as him. No one else is acting different. No new birds have been added since they were all a week old. This afternoon I noticed he was a little hunched, fluffed out feathers and tail down. Normally when I open the door he is the first one to pop out to greet me, but not today. Not eating or drinking and haven't seen a poop. Just very sleepy acting but eyes open and alert at least part of the time. I thought perhaps injury because several of the more active chicks have been sparing and flying around the run. I really don't remember what he was doing this morning when I opened their yard for them.

Like I said it's not much to go on, so I'm wondering what to keep looking for, what I can rule out, if anything and what I should do for him at this point when there isn't anything specific to go on. Not the best picture but my son took it and wanted it included.
Without more info...I'd guess worms. I'm sorry you lost him. Definitely watch the others - or you could go ahead and use a broad-spectrum wormer like Valbazen on all of them.
Have they been eating medicated starter? At their age I'd be suspicious of coccidiosis. There are several strains and you don't always see bloody stool. I'd watch the rest of them very closely. If you see any more start acting slow or looking puffed up I'd do a treatment with Corid mmediately.
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I am in agreement with cafarmgirl. I would be keeping a very close eye on the remainder of the flock.

Sorry for your loss. Good luck with the rest.
These youngsters were just put out side last week so they have not had a fecal test. My older flock had one two weeks ago and were ok. They are on medicated feed. I'm just watching and hoping it had something to do with the two days of heat (90's after being in the 50's).

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