Can you tell if these are hens or Roos?


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These 2 are 6 week old Easter Eggers. Ordered pullets only. I’m not sure if they are just bossy or if they are roosters. Any thoughts? I’m fairly new at this and love learning from you guys/gals!


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That white/black one with the more red comb is suspect. Looks like a pea comb, but can’t tell much detail in the pic. Can you get a better pic of comb? If there are three rows of “peas” on the pea comb, it is likely male. Of course, some birds color up early and it could be female if the comb does not have the three rows. The saddle/hackle feathers are not really apparent yet, and no copper/rust colors on shoulders.

The darker one looks like a female at this point.

You’ll know for sure in 4-6 weeks as any saddle feathers will be more apparent if you have a male.
The white and grey one is questionable , the brown one does look to be a pullet. I will tell you they can make you wonder sometimes, we had one that occasionally would try to crow and we were back and forth on her for 8 months when she started laying
The light one may be a cockerel. Since there is no waddle development yet, I can't be 100% sure though. So I would definitely keep your eye on that one! But the darker one does appears to be a pullet.

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